Honoring the father figures

Fathers day

Here is something to think about for Father’s Day..

Is Father’s Day just a Hallmark holiday designed to make you buy dear old dad a “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug or a tie that he won’t ever wear. Father’s Day isn’t even just about dad; it’s also should be about those father figures in our life. They have always been there for us and have made a positive impact on our lives or when we needed some encouragement to get us through our day.

This Father’s Day, let’s honor these father figures for all that they have done for us. Maybe, they taught us to ride a bike without training wheels or how to fish and change a tire; they taught us the meaning of the words honor, discipline and how to always do the right thing. Those father figures have helped to shape our lives and make us better people in the process; without them, possibly who knows where we would be.

From that first skinned knee, to holding our hand tightly at the bus stop, when our fathers are there, everything just seems a little better. Whether it was your biological father or someone close to you that acted as a father figure, it’s those little things and special times that mean so much.

No matter who your father figure was, be it your coach, teacher, neighbor, uncle or older brother, the responsibility we learned from them is priceless and something that we will carry throughout our lives and pass on to our own children one day. We learn so much from the father figures on our life and it seems almost unfair to dedicate only one day to them.

Our father figures are mentors, leaders, grill masters and our own personal fix-it guys. They work hard, sacrifice and lose sleep over us without ever asking anything in return. So in addition to honoring your father, do something a little different this Father’s Day by honoring those father figures who have made such an impact on our lives.

How do you think you will honor these special people?

I think we should skip the mug and t-shirt. A good start would be by connecting with them on a phone call. Now, if they in the local area, make it special by taking them out for a meal, spending time, having a conversation and sharing your appreciation. Make it special..

Have a great father’s day!

Bill & Vilma

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