Celebrating Christmas in July in America

Christmas in july

When you think of summer and the month of July in particular, what comes to mind? Is it visions of hot, sandy beaches, pina coladas and suntan oil in your eyes, or is it visions of sugar plums dancing in your head?

Christmas in July is something that happens every year and, although it is a bit ironic with the hot weather and no snow, millions of American’s dive right into the tradition and celebrate. Many families, and businesses alike, will hang lights, create festive displays and celebrate the good cheer that the spirit of Christmas brings.

Still others will go so far as attending Christmas in July parties either held by their office or local entertainment venues. These parties can include a festive holiday theme, a variety of seasonal summertime foods, gifts and maybe even an appearance by good old St. Nick himself!

Why do we go so far to celebrate Christmas in the month of July and why do we put so much effort into the celebrations? Could it be that we are secretly wishing for some snow to fall and cool us down on those hot summer days, or could it be that we just need a little Christmas in our lives about 6 months early? We are an impatient lot after all, aren’t we?

The concept of Christmas in July started back in the early 1940’s and has grown into a global phenomenon ever since. We celebrate it to bring that Christmas feeling a little early and show summer that we do indeed have a sense of humor.

If you are celebrating Christmas in July with your family, friends or coworkers, why not stop in to Braconi’s and celebrate it with us? Our staff and restaurant are filled with Christmas cheer (even in July) and we are standing by to serve your needs today.

Merry Christmas in July!

Bill & Vilma

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